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Reservation no. 247631206


My name is Pablo A. Ospina. Last Thursday afternoon I spoke on the phone with one of your agents regarding a situation that occured to me and my wife, when I went to pick up the car.

According to the reservation cited above, I was supposed to pick up a car on the morning of April 6, 2012 at 2AM at the Dollar counter at Chicago O´Hare. My wife and I arrived at 4AM. I am handicapped, from a defect from birth with my left arm that runs only to the elbow. With my right arm, I have driven cars with automatic shift for the last 20 years, not only in my home country, Colombia, but all over the United States (renting cars from almost all the major companies).

When the lady atendant looked at me, she was worried because she had never rented a car to a one-arm man.She wondered what a policeman would say if I got stopped. I told her that I had a drivers license, identification and insurance, and if I commited a transit violation, I would have to pay the fine. She went on rambling in her worries because she didn´t know what the laws of the State of Illinois were, regarding if I was allowed to drive, because for her the most important thing was to keep her position.

She said that she could not authorize the rental until the manager arrived, and that he would decide. The manager arrived at 5:30AM. He asked me 2 or 3 questions with respect to my driving. Two minutes later, he instructed the lady atendant to rent me the car. Even though the lady atendant was instructed to rent me the car, she continued to hassle me. She said that the Illinois taxes and the fuel tax were not included in the voucher, even though the voucher indicated total coverage. She said the voucher was in spanish, and that she didn´t understand the language. She found the reservation in her computer, and I´m sure it was in English.

Finally, she asked me for the address where I was going to stay in the Chicago area, When I gave the address of the friends I was visiting in a Chicago suburb, she concluded that we were citizens of the United States and residents of the State of Illinois, and therefore, that voucher was invalid. We showed her our Colombian passport, our Colombian Drivers License, and our local Colombian identification. She insisted on her reasoning, called the manager, and at that point, that manager, decided that he could not allow the rental.

With this situation I had no choice but to go a block away, with all our bags, and less than 10 minutes later we were sitting in an Avis car.

In this case, what I conclude is that I was dealing with two absolutely incompetent employees, who decided to discriminate against me, due to my handicap. The manager wrote a note saying that due to local policies, they could not allow the rental, saying that you should refund me. He attached his business card. I am scaning those and attaching them to this mail.

I will be writing a complaint to Dollar rent-a-car, explaining my case of absolute discrimination. I require a full refund for what I paid.

Please respond promptly.

With kind regards,

Pablo A. Ospina

Tels. 571-2877060 office, 571-7033610 home, Magic Jack No. Colombia (at home) 305-7718730

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Stop the whining about "discrimination." You just ran into one totally incompetent employee and a manager who is also not too bright. After the first couple of minutes trying to deal with the *** woman at Dollar Rental, you should have walked over to Avis and gotten a car.

I prefer Avis anyway over all other companies. They treated my three kids very well when they were in the military---unlike Hertz, who treated them like dirt.

In any case, crying "discrimination" will get you nowhere. Complain about the fools at Dollar Auto Rental being ***, that's enough.

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